Hey, I’m guessing you’re here because you are struggling to bring in new leads for your business? or you’re bored? Maybe you’re wanting to learn a bit more about the power of Facebook and Social Media Marketing. Either way, WELCOME!

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I wanted to write about why Christchurch business owners should be taking advantage of Facebook’s built in lead generation tool. We are in a time now where whoever can pay the most, will get the client.
Facebook’s Lead generation is an extremely powerful way to bring in new customers, while generating a email list that you can re-market your services too. I highly suggest implementing this tool to ensure the survival of your business.

1. How Facebook Lead Generation can ensure your Business Survival.

Lead Generation Campaign.

Businesses of all sizes can use lead ads to find potential customers who might be interested in their products or services. Lead ads allow you to collect contact information from new customers; The information you will be able to collect includes: names, email addresses, phone numbers, and more. You can also ask custom questions that fit your specific needs, for example, “What is the best time to contact you”.

Lead generation ads can be used to collect sign-ups for newsletters, price estimates, discounted service offers, and much more. This is a great way to build your customer list, while getting more exposure for your business.

Example of Facebook’s built in Lead Form.

Facebook’s Built in Lead Generation Form.

Sometimes people may click onto your Lead ad but decide not to provided their contact details. This can happen often, it might be due to a few things, such as: your offer not providing enough value for them to give you their details, they might have clicked by mistake, maybe their cat split their coffee and they had to go clean it up! The good news is that you can set up what we call a “Re-targeting ad” that will now follow them around on Facebook. We will explore the power of Re-targeting in a later blog.

Example of Lead Ad Work Flow.

Once a potential customer ops in to your lead form and provides you with their contact information, this will then be uploaded into your CRM tool (Customer relationship management tool, a popular example of this is Mailchimp). You can also have the details sent to a live Google spread sheet, where it will display all the information you requested. I like to integrate an automation software called Zapier“.

Zapier allows you to automate an email to be sent straight to your new lead, you will also get a live notification once someone enters their contact information. This allows you to follow up with your potential customer straight away.

The faster you follow up with your new lead the better! Let’s be honest, we all know how short our attention span can be. I have personally bought shoes online, then completely forgot about them. I may have had a few too many beverages that night… It was a nice surprise a few weeks later when they arrived at my door!
Below I have provided some screen shot’s of how Zapier works.

Example of Zapier Automation;

Screen Shots of leads I have collected.

Over the last three months I’ve been working with a local Dentist promoting both a high end and low end dental service; Even in this very niche marketing in Christchurch, New Zealand we have gained over 300 leads just using Facebook’s lead generation tool. You can see in the screen shots provided above that we were bringing in a few new leads each day.

If you would like to stop worrying about where you next lead is coming from, then I highly suggest learning how to use Facebook’s lead generation tool. If you don’t have the time to learn Facebook business manager, I suggest investing in someone like myself to run your Social Media Marketing for you, this way you can save the struggle of learning and instead focus on what you do best, what ever the business.